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Commit to the Journey
Welcome to Canine Complex & Friends 
Specializing in Reactive & Fearful Dog Training and Canine Sports
Our Training Philosophy

We strive to use only positive training methods in all our classes. Our objective as trainers is to teach you to teach your dog something they want to do, not something they have to do. We consider a dog's mistake an opportunity to "fix" a behavior and to reward the dog for making the right "choices". No harsh corrections in classes, please. As instructors, our goal is to teach the handler to guide the dog toward this correct choice. Your aim as handlers, should be to always lead the dog to a choice where you can now use Positive Reinforcement (a click and a treat for example) to indicate that he has made the choice you desired.

We want happy, motivated dogs who will offer new behaviors. As instructors we show you how to find out what motivates your dog, and how to use it. At Canine Sports Complex our personal competitive goals should be secondary to the mental well-being of our dogs. Our training and training methods are meant to be "promises", not "threats" to your dogs.

At Canine Sports Complex our motto is "Teaching Teamwork in Canine Sports". This means that you and your dog are a team of two. Our job is to teach you how to train your dog; to give you the newest in canine sports concepts and ideas. Your job is to communicate these concepts and ideas to your canine teammate.

Through teamwork, communication, motivation and positive reinforcement our goal is to give you the necessary skills to inspire you to train your dog to whatever level you wish to attain in whatever canine sports venue you choose.

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