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What Is Agility?
Agility is one part obedience, one part relationship, and one part sheer Adrenalin rush! In Agility a dog and handler team navigate an obstacle course while racing against the clock. Agility is a sport that appeals to all dog lovers - from young people to senior citizens. Agility is designed to demonstrate a dog's athleticism and willingness to work with his handler. It requires conditioning, concentration, training and teamwork.

About our Agility classes...

Starters I Agility Class
Fee: $150.00 for eight one hour classes
Classes that cover everything from safety and proper performance of all obstacles to communicating to your dog, and motivation and fun. Starters classes are regularly added as needed. Please call for times and start dates.

Starters II & III Agility Class
Fee: $110.00 for eight one hour classes

Pre-Novice Agility Class
Fee: $100.00 for eight one hour classes
These Classes are for dogs that can do all the obstacles (except weaves) with an accuracy of 90%. We teach you some basic handling, motivation, attention and basics for first level agility trialing. 

Novice Agility Class
Fee: $90.00 for eight one hour classes
Continued work on basic handling, motivation, and attention. Handling sequences and small courses in preparation for first level agility trialing. 

Open Agility Class
Fee: $90.00 for eight one hour classes
Dogs that have their Novice title or equivalent skills and are ready to go on. Classes cover everything from complex sequences and longer courses to problem solving. More handling skills taught here, dogs working at Open level.

Masters-Excellent Agility Class
Fee: $85.00 for eight one hour classes
Teams must be competing or have skills at the top levels of agility. These dogs and handlers must be ready for anything. Emphasis is on difficult handling skills, speed, control and desire to run with the wind in their hair/fur.

Weave Pole Workshop
Fee: $60.00 for four one hour classes
A four week mini workshop. An introduction to all the methods of learning weave poles, including channels, weave o matics, 2x2's etc. Find out what works best for your dog. You will also work on weave pole entrances and negotiating the weaves with distractions.