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Jeannine Jay (Owner)
Jeannine is thrilled to have joined Canine Sports Complex as both owner, and instructor. She has been an animal lover since childhood. She has raised and trained a number of different breeds of dogs from poodles to akitas, and now, including her dalmation , Georja, her miniature pinschers, Luna and Coyote, and her 15 year old mixed breed Macy.

Jeannine has a background in education from her many years as a dance instructor , and as a junior bowling coach. Her experience in bowling led her to teach her Dalmatian, Georja, to bowl and the team has appeared on television several times bowling with local professional bowlers and sports personalities. In the bowling world her dog is a minor celebrity and is known as Georja the Wonder Dog.

Jeannine began teaching agility for Evie VanUden at The Canine Education Center, and she has taught agility and puppy classes at Canine Academy. She has had graduate education in animal behavior and has a Masters degree in Anthropology. She has attended many Tracking and Agility seminars and is presently training to be a Tracking judge. Two of her dogs, Georja and Luna, compete in Tracking and Agility. Georja competes at the excellent level in AKC agility , and is working toward her TDX tracking titles. Georja also was ranked AKC’s number 1 open level JWW Dalmation in 2005. Luna competes in open level AKC agility and is training for her Urban and Variable Surface Tracking titles. Her puppy, Coyote, is still in training, and Macy is retired after beginning agility training at age 13, and earning a level 1 CPE title, proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Jeannine believes that teamwork is essential in canine sports training. “We know our dogs must learn to listen to what we tell them, but we aren’t always aware of what our dogs have to teach and communicate to us.”