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Crystal Gerovac
"Thank Dog! Services"
Starter's Agility, Scared & Reactive Dog
Crystal has a Bachelor of Science in Earth & Environmental Science and formerly worked as an analyst in an environmental laboratory. She first began her career at Canine Sports Complex (CSC) as a student after she adopted a Jindo mix named Jade. Jade was a severely traumatized dog rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea. Jade had no confidence and did not know how to be a dog. Jeannine, the owner of CSC, insisted that Crystal bring Jade in right away to start her training in a class known as the Scared Dogs Class. After working with Jade for several months, another Dog Meat Trade Survivor from South Korea, an East Asian Village Dog, found her way into Crystal and Jade's life. This was Lily Opal. Living with trauma and scared dogs flung Crystal into the positive dog training world. She loved learning about primitive dogs and their behavior, as she was living with two primitive canines who had a lot of healing and learning to do. Week after week, she saw baby steps in their confidence building, the benefits of reward based training, staying positive, and allowing her dogs to think! Needless to say, she was hooked.

It didn't take Crystal long before she started assisting and substituting for Jeannine in her Reactive and Scared Dog Classes. As an animals rights activist, Crystal is thrilled to be doing so much with her two Dog Meat Trade Survivors. She truly enjoys helping people learn to understand and work with their dogs. Her hope is that each and every dog, rescue or not, can be understood, learn to think and become a happy and wonderful companion. The scared dog training world at CSC is one of Crystal's favorite places to be. 

Over the last few years, Crystal became very involved with Save Korean Dogs (the rescue group who saved Jade and Lily Opal in South Korea). She is a member, a moderator for their Facebook Group, fundraises for them, and is a Positive Training Coordinator for their adopted and fostered dogs. In June of 2019, Crystal earned her certification in Canine and Feline CPR & First Aid. She is also working to achieve her Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT) certification. Crystal is interested in scent, and her Korean rescues love it! She is also learning trailing with her new dog. In her other free time, Crystal is a board member and singer for a local chorus. She also enjoys writing, hiking and wine tasting.
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