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Puppy Experience
Puppy Experience – This class is the purest introduction to training - with you and your puppy. Within this class, we will learn basic obedience, fun tricks, basic agility and exploring how our puppies use their nose with scent work. In scent work we will start building on how to find and indicate a specific scent. In basic agility we begin working all types of equipment and educating the trainers on how to translate their body language into its own language for the dog to understand commands. In learning basic obedience, the trainer gets taught insight in how to not over saturate commands and help their dog understand what they are asking by verbal and hand cues. As a whole, the dog and trainer will have gained a significant amount of self-confidence in themselves and each other. By graduation, trainer and dog should be comfortable with all basic commands and ready for Beginner’s Obedience.

Our Puppy Experience classes are $175 for a 8 week course.