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Classes at CSC

Before You Come To Class...
What to Bring:
  • Poop Bags - Please let your dog go potty on the grassy area outside 5 minutes before class begins.  Used poop bags can be disposed of in the trash cans outside the entrances to the building.
  • Water - and a dish for your dog
  • Fannypack/Treat Pouch - this should be reserved for treats and be washable.  These will let you hold a lot of treats at the ready.  Plastic bags can be distracting for your dog during training and hard to get hands in and out of quickly.
  • Super Yummy Treats - 2 cups pea-sized treats.  The smaller, the better.  A variety of treats jumbled together like hot dog, string cheese, kibble, treats, jerky, lunch meats, leftovers from last night's dinner.  Key idea: SOFT, SMELLY, SMALL, DELICIOUS!
  • A kong, bone, or similar activity toy - to keep them occupied when you aren't working with your dog and during down time.  Kongs stuffed with peanut butter, yogurt, baby food, or canned dog food with treats thrown in can be frozen to last longer.
  • A Hungry Dog! - Feed a reduced dinner prior to class.
  • Flat buckle collar or harness - no choke or prong collars please.  Nose harnesses are fine provided your dog is very comfortable with it on.  it may need to be removed for some activities.
  • 6 foot leather or nylon leash - no retractable or chain leashes please!
  • A mat - this can be a small towel, thin dog bed, pillowcase, yoga mat, etc.
  • A clicker - we have them for purchase if necessary
What to Wear
Comfortable clothes as you may be sitting on the floor for some activities, and closed-toe shoes - preferably sneakers. No sandals or flip flops, please.
A Word about Homework
Many of our courses cover a lot of material that can be done at home, and when out with your dog.  In fact, the class material works BEST when practiced outside of class.  You will get out of it what you put into it!  Ideal training sessions for homework at 10-15 minutes in length a few times daily.  Please don't clump training time together into a block of time like 60 minutes - this can be very taxing for your dog and yourself.  Many skills will also be best learned when incorporated into your dog's regular routine.  Our instructors welcome emails or phone calls from students if there are questions or problems between classes!
Click on the links to learn more about each class, or to contact an instructor!